• Microbial Assessment (Mold)



    This service provides the analysis and sampling of Mold. A swab or several swabs maybe take in a single residence in order to determine, if mold spores found within the residence are dangerous, yet all mold has to be remediated.

  • Radon Measurement



    This service invloves measuring the Radon levels within the residence; using various testing devices such as CRM-Continuous Radon Monitors. If the measurement levels are above the threshold number indicated by the EPA, then mitigation is recommended.

  • Pool & Spa

    POOL & SPA


    This services provides the complete inspection of the mechanical components and functionality of the pool and spa. If there’s no water in the pool or spa; it will be inspected for cracks and deterioration of the surfaces. We will assess the actual damage if any and also determine the cause & origin of the damage.

  • Fireplace & Woodstove



    This service provides a complete inspection of a fireplace. Inspecting the firebox, ash dump, flue liner, and other components of the fireplace. The wood-burning stove inspection service provides an inspection of the components of distribution from the stove.

  • Dock Inspections



    Not only will we inspect the decking and safety rails above the waterline, but our inspector will don SCUBA gear and inspect the condition of the piers and footings of the dock, the bracing and supports below the waterline, as well as possible obstacles and obstructions that may be hidden below the water line.

  • Drone Services



    Does your roof have areas that are not visible from the ground? Maybe you want aerial photos of your home? With our drone inspection service, we can get close-up photos of every inch of your roof, as well as full aerial photos of the property, the fences, and any outbuildings.

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